The Celesti-Pals series, also known as Super Celesti-Pals, is a series created by Nigel McSeap. It stars (heh, spacepun) Pinkman, SpaceBee, SpaceRock and SpaceTaco as they travel through the vast depths of space, visiting many different planets and meeting all kinds of weird creatures.


Super Celesti-Pals will have ten episodes, and each will be around 11-12 minutes long.

  1. "Lost in Space"
  2. "It's a Jungle Out Here"
  3. "Cool Hats for Cool Cats"
  4. "Super Celesti-Pirates"
  5. "Super Celesti-Pets"
  6. "Merlin's Bowl"
  7. "Super Cephalo-Pods"
  8. "The Snake Wizard's Snake Curse"
  9. "Dirty & Beautiful"
  10. also i won't reveal the title of this yet it's a bit spoilerish atm

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